Google My Business Project

Nobody likes inaccurate hours, contact info, or other issues when they're looking for a business online. Google's business service Google My Business is the key tool for preventing this. Here's a link about why a Google listing is important. Claiming a Google listing is relatively easy, but far too many businesses have not claimed theirs.

To combat this rampant plague, we are organizing a group of volunteers that will work with local businesses to help them claim their Google My Business account. Normally a project like this would be fairly pricey, but with the Next Gen volunteer base, we hope to aid local businesses, make things better for customers, and promote Next Generation Eureka as a force of economic good.

Volunteers will be provided materials on a nifty clipboard and asked to approach a list of local businesses, walking them through the registration process and possibly handling the registration for them. Another group of volunteers will then re-visit the locations after two weeks and see if the process has been finalized. 

Join us to create a glorious new world of claimed Google listings for as far as the eye can see.

Bring Art to the MAC Project

Next Project Meeting (all are welcome): Wednesday, June 1, 6 pm, Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, Eureka

Homelessness is a large community issue that doesn’t have a single solution, and it's discouraging when it feels like you can't do anything about it. That's why I want to bring together art donated from the community to the MAC, Eureka's first stage facility for homeless folks in the city's "Housing First" solution. The MAC provides a much needed service in the community and is an important place of transition, but the walls in these rooms are bare. Art can add to and perhaps even transform these spaces.  If Next Gen Eureka works with artists and other community members, bringing in art has the potential to add warmth to this transitional facility and strengthen the connection to the community it serves.

This is the TED Talk that inspired the idea


  1. PRIMARY: Bring (primarily hang-able) art from the community to the rooms in the MAC
  2. Provide a tangible, positive way for the community to contribute to the MAC.
  3. Provide a conversation in which other needs of the MAC can be made known