The Nebulous Future of the Eureka High School Gym

Photo Credit - Times Standard

Photo Credit - Times Standard

What kind of sports will the future generations of Eureka want to play? The future of the Eureka High School gym may determine some of that. Superintendent Dr. Fred Van Vleck and Assistant Superintendent Paul Ziegler came to the April Next Gen Eureka meeting to explain the long, hard look that the Eureka City School Board is taking at the high school gym.

Board members are considering several options to address the aging gym situation, and this is the simplified version:

  1. Do Nothing -- The gym is already in disrepair, with large sections like the pool sanctioned off limits to students. Estimate cost: $0 (for now)
  2. Remodel the current complex. This is expensive with a high likelihood to go over budget, and it will result in a facility that lasts perhaps another 30 years. Estimated cost: $18 million 
  3. Build an entirely new gym. This could be done by demolishing the current gym and building the new one where it stands, or building the new one on-site and leaving the current gym open to operate during construction to minimize student disruption. The new gym would last an estimated 75 years or longer. Estimated cost: $15 million
  4. Build a hybrid facility. This may not include a full gymnasium and instead may be an exercise center that doesn't have locker rooms and showers. Estimated cost: $17 million.
  5. Leave current gym intact and address some internal and structural problems. This would not likely include the pool, as repairing and maintaining it is unfeasible and costly in the long-term.

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