Next Generation Eureka (Next Gen) is a youth-driven civic group that is working to address the lack of recreational and professional opportunity in Humboldt County. This organization is comprised of innovative young people who think the current state of affairs in Humboldt is unsustainable. 

Humboldt County has a reputation for capturing the hearts of visitors and encouraging them to stay. However, many other visitors and community members, while wanting to stay, feel like they can't. Many graduates from Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods are unable to find work, or feel like Humboldt is an economic dead end, resulting in them leaving for places where they can "make it."

Next Generation Eureka is a Dream Maker project through The Ink People, giving Next Gen its nonprofit status and access to the Ink People's services. Thank you to the Ink People for their support and encouragement!


Our Vision

  • Improving the standard of living in Eureka

  • Retaining young people

  • Creating opportunities for youth, including recreation and nightlife.

  • Getting involved and making ourselves heard in policy & decision making.

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