Next Generation Eureka (Next Gen) is a youth-driven civic group that represents Millenials in the pursuit of growth and development for Eureka. There is a shortage of Millenials participating in the discussions of local governments and organizations that decide the city’s future. Next Gen works to ensure that young adult perspectives are heard.

This civic group is comprised of innovative young people who see the qualities in Eureka and strive to make them even better. Next Gen works with other community organizations to improve various aspects of Eureka, including professional opportunities, entertainment, and healthcare.

Next Generation Eureka is a Dream Maker project through The Ink People, giving Next Gen its nonprofit status and access to the Ink People's services. Thank you to the Ink People for their support and encouragement!


Our Vision

To improve the standard of living for young adults in Eureka by:

  • Engaging young people in local issues.

  • Participating in local government and making ourselves heard in policy & decision making.

  • Supporting community events and recreation opportunities in Eureka.

  • Leading community development projects.

Next Gen meetings are every Third Thursday from 7 pm - 9 pm. They are open to the public, just message us to find out the location!

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